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#61 – Give yourself a hand | LARP Trek

#61 – Give yourself a hand

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After his last encounter between his fictional character and his fictionalized self, I figured Picard needed a little closure.

My offer from last time stands, and I’ll double it: two million fictional internet dollars to see Patrick Stewart perform this. Stuff is getting fake expensive up here.

I never worked in the “I’m resigning this bullcrap post!” angle to their first conversation, though of course it was there in the pilot, so there’s no angle to bring that up within today’s strip either. But we can talk about it! Yes, we can. We can talk about whether Picard really hadn’t “had time yet to communicate that” to Starfleet Command or whether this was just a classic Picardian soft-management move. I’m pretty sure he’d declined to immediately process one or two tendered resignations aboard Enterprise, though I can’t remember specific instances off-hand so that could be me just confabulating. Anybody remember those?

The reason I’m thinking about it is, it makes a great little bit of drama and humanity — the commander recognizes the conflicting forces tearing up his subordinate, recognizes that their heart may not be in the decision they’re making under duress, and slow-plays procedure to give them the opportunity to find their path — but what if you’re wrong? What if someone’s like “here’s my resignation” and you’re all “okie doke” and then you just set that aside for a couple days, and then they’ve commenced with actual-resignation stuff and you’re stuck between a resigned guy and an organization that is being told by him that he resigned and you’re just, oh, uh, yeah, that resignation thing, I’m a little backed up on the ol’ paperwork, gosh, where did that get to…

Just not really the same heft and gravitas. At that point, you’re not a wise elder, you’re just kind of crappy at your job.

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