#62 – This Is The Dawning Of The Age Of Aquarius

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Can we talk about the way all the landwalkers are always drinking water everywhere they go in the show? I mean, I appreciate that the Above Water Nine writers were trying to ease the viewing public into the idea of creatures that process atmospheric oxygen through alveolar lungs and so a certain amount of figurative nodding to our familiar hydrated environment makes some thematic sense, but it just felt a little bit on the nose to me. Like, I get it, you’re thirsty because you’re not constantly immersed in water, you’ve established this, now can we move on to the actual science fiction?

Like, maybe we can discuss how despite occupying a ridiculously molecularly sparse gaseous-state atmospheric substrate, they all seem to be able to hear things just fine? I’m not a physicist, I realize there’s an argument that this wouldn’t have to be a crippling disadvantage for such creatures, but still. I just, I dunno. It’s distracting, as a viewer.

In aaaaany case, I’m looking forward to exploring Dr. Fisher’s character’s backstory a little more in the next strip. I feel like Codzia got a lot of potential. And it should be fun to watch her bait Piker.

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