#64 – my my my poker worf / my my poker worf

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Worf! Hi, Worf. I’ve missed you.

It was actually kind of pulling teeth getting this put together, such is the change of pace of trying to write the crew just BSing as themselves without an external structure to riff against.

But I’ll be honest, I lost as much time rewriting the underlying poker hand narrative here as I did writing the actual, you know, character interactions. Turns out poker fanfic is a little complicated. I’d had Riker checking at the start but I didn’t know how the hand was going to finish at the time, and so then Worf nailed him on a bad beat with the better full house, but then if Riker had jacks over tens why on earth would he first check and then just see Worf’s raise? So I had to go back and have him get in big (however big fifty arbitrary units in a post-scarcity society is, I haven’t even decided what if anything they’re betting on so far) for the thing to flow more sensibly. He probably should have gone for the re-re-raise at the tail end just to try and either get some more cash out of the table or scare Worf out of the game, but then Worf wouldn’t scare easy so that angle doesn’t really read right. Let’s assume there’s a house rule limit on re-raises and Worf got the last one with his fifty extra? Sure. Plausible.

So basically it’s a good thing I’ve watched all that tourney poker on cable or we’d really be in trouble right now.

Also, it’s weird having no colorful In Character panels.

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