#65 – never bet against a Ferengi when gaming is on the line

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Sorta walked into that one, Worf. Though I’m not sure how long he’s going to be willing to honor that sideways bargain. I guess we’ll see!

The strip is unusually late this morning (but I’m on the west coast of the US so it’s still morning at least), because my actual job is running Metafilter, and Margaret Thatcher died this morning, and so it’s been a bit of a handful to say the least. I bring this up by way of apology, but I swear to god if anyone starts talking about Thatcher in other than the context of some 24th century Space Thatcher concept for a DS9 deleted scene I am going to go back to doing Carp Trek full time until you apologize.

Trek! Let’s talk about Star Trek. Let’s talk about the Ferengi standby, the Rules of Acquisition. According to the Golden Rule of Larp Trek Canon, the first (and maybe only?) mention of the R’s of A in TNG was late in season five and we’re following the TNG crew around in mid/late season three, so: they don’t exist. So it’s okay that Troi invented them. And it totally seems like some BS that a player would invent as a running joke for a character. So, yes? Yes. Okay.

Now: remember that episode (that, see again the golden rule, Has Not Happened) where Wes macks on Ashley Judd while the crew gets brainwashed by an alien videogame as a plot to take over the ship (an episode which, I note just for the record and to defend my take on the character, started with Riker cavorting erotically with the very alien who masterminded that takeover)? Judd’s character was one Robin Lefler. Who created a series of Lefler’s Laws.

There are dots here. I am not even sure how to connect them, but these dots, they need connecting. Is Robin Lefler the product of a Troi-as-Quark-inspired Wesley Crusher’s recycling of the imagined Ferengi ethos in the form of some fantasy future girlfriend?

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