#66 – Moire fiction or: detective story as interference pattern

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For moment there, it seemed like Wes and Jean Luc were actually, genuinely getting along at this. Baby steps, guys, eventually I’m sure that whole proxy-parenthood thing will totes work out for you.

This is riffing off A Man Alone, one of the first episodes after the pilot, in which we get to watch Odo deal with a hammy murder mystery where he does, indeed, establish himself as the obvious prime suspect in his own investigation. Spoiler alert: Odo did not actually murder someone and then forget about it and then successfully arrest himself. Though wouldn’t that have set the tone for the series? He dissolves, cackling, into the grated floor of the brig, and haunts the station for the next seven years as a villain with a thousand faces…

Anyway, we watched this the other night and I swear to god I had no memory of this episode. I suppose I was still sort of taking in Deep Space Nine as a gestalt for the first half of the first season, and a forgettable episode being forgettable isn’t really news, but still, weird! This was just a couple years ago and I have a decent memory for TV I’ve watched. I feel like I remembered a ton about the pilot, but this one? Hmm.

Though we did watch the first couple of seasons of the series via a sketchy korean video portal that had legit playback issues sometimes. So probably we just didn’t actually see it! Mystery solved. Odo probably did it.

Also, for you screenshot birders, there’s indeed a few new Wes shots in this one, because I was feeling like I’d gotten to scraping the bottom of the barrel with the small handful I had already. I feel like I need to dig up some new Riker material soon as well.