#70 – Married With Children II: Space Boogaloo

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Gosh, it’s nice to be back. Last week, I tell you what.

And I have to say, I was sort of delighted when we sat down and watched A Man Alone that they launched right into the marital strife thing with Miles and Keiko as a b-plot. I had remembered dimly that they had arguments even early on but had forgotten the timing and the details. What I’m not so sure about is how their relationship in real life (that is to say, my fictional alternate take of their already fictional relationship one one show, not my fictional take on their own fictional conception of their relationship on that other fictional show…) is going to be affected by these game-mediated revelations.

You know how in It’s A Wonderful Life, George Bailey is given the opportunity by Clarence the angel to see the counterfactual version of the world if it had been different, which gives him a sense of terrible regret and makes him thankful for the life he ends up actually living instead?

I’m not saying that Miles and Keiko getting married is equivalent to George Bailey never having been born and his wife becoming a spinster and his old boss being a disgraced drunk and an evil real estate tycoon turning the town into a seedy, exploitative shambles, and that role-playing together as imagined husband and wife is the hand of God intervening to warn them of the great danger to them both should their relationship continue.

I’m just not not saying that.