#71 – Not being lonely is for chumps

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I’m really stretching the form here: Miles flouncing off panel! It’s a big day for sequential art.

I loved Odo’s little speech about coupling, because it sounded like the kind of point-missing defense of being alone that some kid would make. How convenient!

And yes, that’s part of Odo’s character, that he’s a smart and attentive being but he’s also by virtue of his alienness and a powerful degree of reflexive/learned difficulty with trusting people sort of massively under-socialized. I’m not mocking the writing in the episode, I think it’s kind of a perfect subtle little way to underscore the character’s blustery defensiveness about unfamiliar things, and about things he wants but doesn’t think he can/should have. That it’s basically consistent with the sort of dumb stuff a confused fourteen year old would be saying in a lay-philosophical debate about the nature of the human condition is just icing on the cake for this particular strip.