#73 – The Indecisive Tailor in: “Sew What?”

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I’m going to stop for a moment and note a major missed opportunity in my thinking about the genesis of this whole project: I’m pretty sure the Cardassians weren’t introduced to Star Trek continuity until some time in season four of Next Generation.

Taken with the golden rule of Larp Trek continuity — if it hasn’t happened by mid/late season three, it hasn’t happened — the implications are profound: I could have had the Cardassians be a totally fictional race. The whole thing just invented from whole cloth by Geordi, Cardassians and Bajorans both his creative constructs.

As usual, I think the only thing fundamentally contradicting that reading is some smartass thing that Data said in one of the first dozen strips, so I suppose there’s always the possibility of a retcon. But for now I just want to feel silly in public for not thinking it through, and leave it at that.

In any case, I’m feeling more optimistic about this Worf-as-Garak thing than I was on Friday: maybe he will figure out a way to inhabit the character. We’ll have to see how long this optimism lasts when the rubber hits the road, of course.

Also, it took way too much effort to come up with that Klingon mistranslation setup. I need to hire a fluent intern for this stuff.