#84 – Klingon Soap Opera

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Worf’s whole arc with the fall and restoration of the House of Mogh in Next Generation is I guess appropriately operatic and it was nice to see some Klingon intrigue dug into a bit more on the show where previously mostly our window into the Big K was (a) angry warriors shouting on the viewscreen and (b) Worf dressed up in Starfleet duds and seeming uncomfortable.

But, still, it’s a bit grandiose. It’s like a side plot out of Skyrim or Dragon Age; for this to be a little ol’ thing that just happens to Worf when he’s not busy with his day job as a Starfleet tactical officer always felt oddly convenient to me. It really is more like something out of…a game? Hrm?

And this DS9 RPG is taking place in the middle of season three of Next Generation. The Golden Rule of Larp Trek Canon reminds us that anything that happened after that on the show didn’t necessarily happen. So. Hell of an imagination Worf has there, even if it is all a bit far-fetched. What does it say about him that his imagined reunion with his spurning lover K’Ehleyr involves her being killed? That some sort of weird ex bitterness, maybe.

And he hasn’t even mentioned Alexander yet. Who knows! He’s shooting from the narrative hip. We should just be proud at him for engaging with this idea.