#94 – You’re The Man Now, Doggerel

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Go Picard, all elevating the cultural milieu with classical poetic forms and shit. As metered rhyming poetry it’s no Ode To Spot, but then Ode To Spot has not yet actually been written yet in this timeline; one wonders if (assuming it ever does get written) Data would have been inspired largely by the Captain’s impromptu sonnet composition.

Also, if you squint a little the middle panels of this strip are basically the Brady Bunch credit sequence. Hmm.

Anyway, for those not carrying encyclopedic knowledge of Larp Trek canon around in their heads, this is of course a reference back to the notional future-Picard’s handling of the Battle of Morton’s Fork.

Sisko in the series more or less dropped the grudge-against-Picard stuff after the pilot, probably on account of how (a) it’d probably be hard to get Patrick Stewart to make recurring cameos on the show and (b) it’d also feel a little weird and coattails-riding probably and besides, (c) either you keep having Sisko butt heads with a beloved character over ugly past events or you have them hug it out and become bros and both feel like not total winners in the Star Trek aesthetic.

But Picard-as-Sisko in the game wouldn’t want to let it go so quick, I don’t think. It’s a meaty character detail, if one that leads to him engaging in a weird self-emasculation in front of his crew during rec hours, but, hey, the Captain does what the Captain wants even if it’s just to revel in his own strange insecurities.

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