#96 – putting the Q-bosh on it

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It’s gonna be weird when we find out that the entire multi-series franchise run of Star Trek was just something that young Wesley Crusher saw while staring into his holographic snowglobe.

Where was Geordi going to go with this whole Vash thing, anyway? It seems like such a throwaway episode, just a cute little callback from a TNG thing and an excuse to give Quark some more screen time doing his deal. But Geordi had plans! Plans!

Like, maybe Vash was originally gonna stick around after all. Maybe that curious glowing artifact in a box that caused so much trouble in the actual episode was going to turn out not to be some weird station-threatening energy vortex bomb thingy after all, but rather…A TEAR OF THE PROPHETS! And Vash, in possession of it for reasons she can’t totally explain, is actually Sisko’s spiritual double, coming to the wormhole circuitously but inevitably, to become Sisko’s co-Emissary. And as he struggles to reconcile his cynicism and irreligious inclinations with the demands of the Bajoran religious polity, Vash would struggle likewise to make a compromise between her wanderlust and profiteering instincts and the need for selflessness and stability from the believers.

Eventually, Vash would find that peace, and embrace her role as an Emissary. But she’d go further! Unlike Sisko, who was always drawn tight in both directions by his role as an officer of the Federation and the call of the Prophets, Vash would once she abandoned her previous Indiana Jonesing ways have nothing left to pull her away from a full commitment to her role. She would in fact become radicalized, would be not a grudging but a zealous Emissary, and the long arc of the the story would involve an eventual idealogical confrontation between Sisko and her.

Is probably what Geordi was planning, I’m guessing. Oh well!